18 April 2011

Shopping carts

This is a normal sight here: in order to get a shopping cart outside of the supermarket, you must insert a coin as a depot. This is thought to prevent shopping cart thefts or shopping carts brought away too far from the entrance.

Is this a common system in you country too?

07 April 2011


This is one of my favourite spots in town. Along the river, the different colored houses reflect in the quiet river, on a windless day. Peaceful.

06 April 2011

A nice spot

A nice spot along the river Lèmene, on one side a tree full of spring blossoms, on the other side of the waterway an old farm house.

03 April 2011

Spring fair

Today "from dawn till dusk" Concordia will be full of plants and flowers and stalls selling all kinds of interesting things: it's the annual Spring Fair that always takes place the first Sunday in April. Pictures of the fair coming up soon!

02 April 2011


I finally remembered to bring my camera when fetching my son from school: today a picture (actually a panorama made by three pictures) of his classroom!