31 July 2008

Concert evening

Every Friday in July, in the central square (the Cathedral's piazza) there is a concert. This year we have had a classical concert, a jazz concert, a drama piece and a pop concert. I took this picture the last evening, when an American band coming from the nearby Aviano USAF Base (about 40 km from here) played nice music (lots of '70 and '80 pop music!). It has been a pleasant evening!

30 July 2008

Windy days

Sand storm on the beach. This July is quite abnormal for us here, not only sunny days, nut lots of thunderstorms and ... sand storms!

29 July 2008

Security limit

This seagull is watching that no one trespasses the security limit in the sea: evidently he is helping out lifeguards.

28 July 2008

Back from the seaside

Back from our vacation at the seaside, here I am. It has been a nice vacation, a lot of sun, some bad weather, lots of fun with the children: just as it should be! Now I'm dealing with unpacking and my washing machine has a super work to do ... see you tomorrow!

12 July 2008


What do you think if I say "summer"? ... I think of the sun, of vacations, of the seaside and, last but not least! ... BARBECUES!!!!

This is my last post for the next TWO WEEK: we're on vacation! We're at the seaside already now, hopefully playing with the sand and in the waves!

See you at the end of July!

11 July 2008


The vegetable garden is full of tomatoes, big and juicy ... but still very green! We are eagerly wainting for them to get ripe!

10 July 2008

Again clouds

After a big heat wave (last week) with temperatures over 35°C (95°F) and 60 % humidity, this week the weather is giving us a break: lots of thunderstorms and a very pleasant fresh air, low humidity and temperatures about 28°C (82 °F). I prefer sunny days, of course, but thunderstorms are wonderful to take pictures of the sky!

09 July 2008


Harvest has begun and all around the countryside you can see these big balle di fieno (hay balls? what is the right term?).

08 July 2008

Waiting for ..

Waiting for the Olympic Games to start. In one month from today, on the 8th fo August, the Olympic torch will arrive in Peking. How will these Olympic Games be?

Meanwhile we have our torch in the garden .. against mosquitoes!

07 July 2008

Peaches (II)

Remember I told you about peaches? Well, we are almost ready to eat them. They are red, less hard and smell wonderful!

06 July 2008

Old farm house

The countryside around Concordia is full of these old abandoned farm houses. Sometimes trees grow inside the walls, many times the roof is partially or totally collapsed. They are a charming view: recallnig past times and a life so different from ours nowadays.

I guess I'll post more pictures of these kind of buildings in future.

05 July 2008

Risotto alla monzese

This is a close up view on a dish of risotto alla monzese (risotto Monza's way; Monza is a pretty town on the outskirts of Milano).

Here the recipe!

Risotto alla monzese

Ingredients (for 4 persons):

320 gr rice (the best quality for risotto is Roma or Carnaroli)
300 gr sausage
saffron: here it is sold in tiny bags, it contains abot 0,15 gr pure saffron in powder
2 litres meat broth (I use chicken broth)
a glass white wine
parmisan cheese, grated at the moment


Heat the broth until boiling.

Melt in a large Teflon pan a bit of butter and put in it the sausage in small pieces, without skin (I press the sausage paste out of the skin). When the sausage is brown, add the rice and let it toast a bit. Add the white wine and let it evaporate. When the wine is gone, add the broth a bit at a time with a dipper. The rule for making risotto (any type!) is that the rice must cook absorbing the broth and never get too dry. It must not stick on the pan.

Rice will go on cooking for about 15 minutes, so add broth generously until taht time is almost over: then you will let it dry up a bit.

When the rice is cooked, turn the fire off and add some small pieces of butter and a generous quantity of parmesan cheese you have just grated. Leave the risotto for some minutes this way before serving: is this time the starch makes is even more smooth and flavoured. This moment is called mantecatura but I can't find the English word for it!

Buon appetito!

04 July 2008

Another pretty window

Another pretty spot in Portogruaro. This building has just been renewed, it looks very nice.

PS: Happy 4th of July to all USA Americans!

03 July 2008

Summer fruit

Summer fruit is special. It is sweet, colorful, happy. This picture is taken at the Monday marketplace.

02 July 2008

Empty church

Waiting for the faithful to come, the church is empty. Actually the Church is quite empty, many people walked away from it and took a distance, especially after the death of the beloved pope Giovanni Paolo II.

01 July 2008

Crooked campanile

This is the campanile (tower) of he Cathedral of Portogruaro: I hope this picture really shows how crooked it is. What you see in the picture is not a impression given by the perspective, but the tower is really so bended. I hope it won't fall!