21 September 2008

Taking a pause

I'm quitting this blog for some time. I have a hard time keeping up with it lately and things are not going to be easier! I'm going to have another baby at the end of November, so I'll be a full time mother for at least some time!

See you soon!

12 September 2008

The sky, now

The sky right now. Not a special picture, but at least you know why I'm at home instead of taking a walk for new pictures!

10 September 2008

At the zoo (III)

Again a picture of the
Punta Verde Parco Zoo. The zoo is settled on a group of small islands in the lagoon and small bridges connect the islands.

09 September 2008

Flamingos at the zoo

At the Punta Verde Parco Zoo it's time for new babies: at the fence closeing the flamingos' pond there are about 10 ribbons, some blue, some pink, to celebrate the birth of the baby flamingos. In the pond, you immediatly recognize which are the babies: not yet pink, they will remain grey until about 14-months age.

08 September 2008

Meerkat at the zoo

Yesterday we spent the day at the
Parco Zoo PUnta Verde in Lignano, about 25 km from Concordia. It is a very nice place, very clean and neat; the animals aren't held in cages but are free on small islands in the lagoon or in fenced areas. I already wrote about it here: we spend a day there almost every year and children enjoy it very much.

04 September 2008

For the dog

It's the first time I see this here in Italy: a small entrance for the dog, no a garage door. I've always seen them on TV, in cartoons usually coming from USA. Do you have these kind of things? How do you call them?

03 September 2008

A tree for every newborn

A regional law says that every town must plant a tree for each newborn baby. So my daughter, born in 2003, has her tree and now and then we go to pay a visit and see how it is growing (well!). We are now waiting for my son's tree, he is born in 2005 but his tree has not been planted yet (the town council waits to have a good number of trees to plant and organizes a very nice feast for everyone when this gest done).

The picture shows how many trees have been planted and in which streets/fields for the children born from year 1992 to year 2003: almost a thousand.

02 September 2008

01 September 2008

Big steps for a small child

My son is only 3 year old and has some normal fears that all children have ... but he struggles always very hard to be brave, I'm really proud of this side of his personality. Here at the playground, he kept saying "I'm scared, I can't go on it" about this rope bridge ... and step by step he made it through the other side. His daddy behind him for the first time ..

It is really marvellous how children learn fast and are happy achieve important results.