31 August 2008

A typical house

A typical house in Barcis, a village in the mountains, about 50 km from Concordia Sagittaria. It is called Palazzo Centi and was first built during the Sixteenth Century. It has been renovated since few years using once again the rocks and stones of the River Cellina (that flows nearby) as in the original construction.

30 August 2008

Sacello SS. Martiri Concordiesi

This is the Sacello dei Ss. Martiri Concordiesi, a tiny chapel along the river Lemène that remembers the first Christian martyrs of Concordia. They were 72 and were killed in 304 AD in this place along the river. You can read more about them here (in Italian) and here (in English).

29 August 2008

Kids' fair

Kids' fair is beginning today! The number of bicycles parked outside the
Oratorio is getting bigger and bigger and next week there will be no place to park. Kids and teenagers gather after the long summer and have an entire week of games, concerts, sports tournaments and so on. When this special week will end, school will start: for our region, Veneto, school is starting Monday 15th September.

28 August 2008


You can see this sundial is on the facade bof a house in the center of Concordia. Of course it does not consider daylight saving's time, but it works well! Underneath it you can read: al sol misuro i passi taht means I measure sun's steps.

27 August 2008

Pumpkins on their way!

Again a picture taken in the vegetable garden. Today a pumpkin preparing to get ripe .. and growing growing ...

26 August 2008

Figs are ripe

Figs are ripe: briliant green, very sweet, soft. Wonderful. We have so many that Nonna (grandma) is starting to make figs' jam!

25 August 2008


Toady a funny picture ... a cucumber going round and round ... quite hard to peel!!!!

24 August 2008

Erto IV

Again a picture of the fair in Erto. In this picture, craftsmen make wicker baskets.

(see yesterday's post for all the story)

23 August 2008

Erto III

In August, in Erto there is a very interesting fair: "Tra il vecchio e il nuovo" (roughly between old and new). In the small narrow streets of the village, craftsmen expose their works and show how their work is made: wicker baskets, wooden eldelweisses, leather bags, hand knitted pullovers, and so on. They work, expose and sell their products.

In this picture, two craftsmen are making wooden eldelweisses.

22 August 2008

Erto II

Another view of the wonderful valley which Erto lays in. This picture doesn't need many words, it is a wonderful place.

21 August 2008

A walk in Erto

This is Erto, a pretty mountains village quite close to Concordia. Erto, together with its neighbouring village Casso, is sadly famous in Italy for a big tragedy occured in 1963, when a piece of mountain fell into the artificial lake made by the Vajont Dam and caused a tsunami wave that submerged and swept away many villages: among these Erto.

20 August 2008

No wind, today

No wind today. The rooster stands still over the tower in Teson, a hamlet of Concordia. Let's wait for tomorrow for windsurfing.

19 August 2008

The Cross reaching the sky

This is the upper part of the modern bell tower of the church of Teson, a hamlet of Concordia. Nothing to do with the Cathedral, of course, but anyway an interesting modern construction. I like how the Cross over the bell tower is made, quite original.

18 August 2008

Something to discuss about

In yesterday's playground we found this phrase among many other notices and notes on a bulletin board: Dai meno bravi impari quello che non devi fare that is roughly From the less smart/less well behaving you learn what you should not do. This playground is in a parish in Concordia and these notices and notes are hung up by the parson.

What do you think about this phrase? I think it sounds bad, it is negative and certainly doesn't help children that are a bit more lively or simply very bright but in an unconventional way. I didn't like it.

17 August 2008

To the public playground

I'm posting late today, the day is almost over here, in Italy. Sundays are full days, especially when you have two small children. Today we spent lots of time at the playground, not our usual one, but a "fancy" one. This is one of the major features ... to climb on.

16 August 2008

Dried tomatoes

Have you ever eaten dried tomatoes? They are quite a common appetizer here. Dried tomatoes are often seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, oregano and garlic and layed on toasted bread.

The picture shows the very very beginning of this wonderful dish: drying the tomatoes in the sun!

14 August 2008

Cat's life

Sometimes I wish I were a cat. Tell me: don't you think cats' life is so lazy and interestring at the same time?

(Picture courtesy of my brother Stefano!)

13 August 2008

Third birthday

This is my son, the day of his third birthday (a couple of weeks ago): he now swims without any support, both underwater (his favourite) and crawl. He is very elegant underwater and has a good coordination; when swimming crawl, he still looks a bit ... messy!

12 August 2008


Again a shot taken in the mountains, in the big creek we sat by for our picnic. Very refreshing!

11 August 2008

In the mountains

It is quite hot in these days. A nice walk along a fresh creek in the mountains in an interesting solution: this is what we did yesterday, on a very hot Sunday.

10 August 2008

Brother and sister

My chldren at the seaside,taking a walk: nothing planned, just a sudden hug reminds me how nice it is to have a brother or a sister to cling to!

09 August 2008


At the seaside, there are big bushes of lavender along the beginning of the beach. When you walk by, you hear "zzzzzzzz" .. not a soft sound, but a strong sound made by the many bees working on the flowers!

08 August 2008

Santo Stefano Fair III

Also the local scout group has its own stand at the fair. Not a food stand thought! A stand were you can play. A wolf is sitting on a board, high up on a huge wooden bucket (the ones used to press grapes when making wine). People can throw balls to hot a target: if you get it, the wolf falls in the water!!! You can get 3 balls for 2 euro. Last year the scout group got to go to their summer camp without expenses: all the money needed was raised at the fair. Isn't it nice (and clever)?

07 August 2008

Santo Stefano Fair II

After having dinner at the fair, tradition brings you to the amusement park built for the fair. Merry-go-rounds for children, rollercoasters for teenagers. The amusement park closes after the end of the fair and everything is collapsed and brought away, to the next fair: the amusement park is property and brought around by nomads.

06 August 2008

Santo Stefano Fair

Anther shot taken at the fair that we are hosting in these nights. Near the Cathedral, people sit and have dinner with typical fair food: barbecued meat, fried fish, chips, hot dogs and so on. Lots of beer and wine are running on the tables too! Each stand is sponsored by a local association or movement: the Red Cross, the Blood Donators, the Basketball team, the Volleyball team, the Concordia Men's Choir and so on. They all use the fair to raise funds for the future activities.

05 August 2008


For Concordia this is a "hot" week: for 5 days, we are hosting the fiera di Santo Stefano (roughly Saint Stephen fair). This is the most important period of the year in this small countryside town. Saint Stephen is celebrated on the 5th of August. For 5 days and nights, people walk around stands, eating, buying, taking a look at new models of car, boats, agricultural machines and so on. And children enjoy merry-go-rounds and rollercoasters. Children also get to ride the Police's motorcycles and to visit the ambulance.

04 August 2008


It is definitely "full summer" for us here now. In the past, August was the month for vacation par excellence. In August most factories and big plants close the production or diminuish it a lot, and all workers had to get their vacation in this month. It is still so even though less than 30 years ago. Factories close now for a month, but who works in offices often gets the chance to go on vacation in other periods of the year.

Have a nice summer!

03 August 2008

Piazza Roma by night (II)

This is the follow up of yesterday's picture: the entire square with the peculiar street lights. As you can see, the project that won the contest also used some archaelogical elements to decorate here-and-there the square and put wooden and concrete benches to sit.

The square is quite nice made this way. As a citizen, however, I must say that the square has too few green spots, especially trees, and in summer you realy cannot get out there and take a walk: too hot.

02 August 2008

Piazza Roma by night

Some years ago, the Municipality of Concordia made a public contest for the renovation of a town square, piazza Roma, near the river Lèmene. Many local architects and engineers participated, by the way, my husband did too (he was classified 5th). The project that won planned it looked peculiar, but now we are used to it and it looks interesting. On the picture, the lights (embedded in an iron structure).