12 June 2011

No, this picture is not in the USA but here, in Concordia Sagittaria! These road signs are on the corner of the street where the pizzeria Sacco Vanzetti is.

09 June 2011


Young ducklings in a small canal in the centre of Portogruaro, always swimming in a perfect straight queue and gathering in a circle when they stop.

08 June 2011

June garden (II)

After yesterday's tomatoes, here are the zucchini growing fast (we already ate them: delicious!).

07 June 2011

June garden (I)

Here we are, at his point. Grandpa's garden has a lot of vegetables growing, not yet ripe, but hopefully with some sun these tomatoes will turn red.

06 June 2011

Art exhibit

The fourth and fofth graders of our elementary school made an art exhibit of their paintings. It was very interesting.

05 June 2011

Family biking

Biking in the countryside: one of our favourite pastime during the weekend!

04 June 2011

Sports meeting

Mini-basketball meeting for my son, in the town's sports hall. Young athletes, ranging from 5 to 7 years old, played small basketball matches having lots of fun!

03 June 2011

Will it last?

A graffiti on a wall declaring true love...wonder if it still is so!

18 April 2011

Shopping carts

This is a normal sight here: in order to get a shopping cart outside of the supermarket, you must insert a coin as a depot. This is thought to prevent shopping cart thefts or shopping carts brought away too far from the entrance.

Is this a common system in you country too?

07 April 2011


This is one of my favourite spots in town. Along the river, the different colored houses reflect in the quiet river, on a windless day. Peaceful.