09 July 2008


Harvest has begun and all around the countryside you can see these big balle di fieno (hay balls? what is the right term?).


USelaine said...

I think we call them "bales", pronounced with a long "a". We sometimes have the rolled kind like you show, and sometimes they are rectangular cubes - round bales and square bales.

I like your photo of this, where it's set in the frame, and how you got the birds on it. Very nice.

Harry Makertia said...

Those birds... what are they trying to find there?

Sherry said...

The birds will eat the hay seeds as well as use it for nest making. :)

I loved this photo, it looks much like where I live. The farmers have cut the hay and it is sitting in the field drying and waiting to be sold and trucked off. It smells wonderful when they do the cutting!

Yes, round bales with a long 'a' is the American term. :)

Kris McCracken said...

This is a really lovely shot. The birds look like they are having great fun.