08 June 2008

Parco Zoo Punta Verde

Usually I don't like zoos very much (I don't like the idea of animals in cages). This one is special. It is the zoo of Lignano, a town on the Adriatic coast about 25 km from Concordia.

The Parco Zoo Punta Verde is first of all a research site and its mission is education and instruction. Animals are not in cages but free, in fenced places. For example, monkyes "own" a whole island, free to jump from tree to tree. Crocodiles have many canals and some small ilsands to rest and so on.


USelaine said...

I feel the same as you. Zoos with confining "exhibits" are not appealing at all, but one operated more like a science center with habitats is better.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Many, but not all, zoos in this country are trying to have larger pens where animals can roam about freely, but it is still a cage to a wild animal. Only the size is different.

People who go to zoos and pay admission fees are keeping the animals in cages and captivity.

If nobody went zoos would be forced to close and there would be no illegal markets for wild animals captured and sold on black markets.

Davide said...

Ciao Patrizia, bellissima la tua foto al Parco Zoo. Come amico del parco ti segnalo questa iniziativa free organizzata dal parco per i suoi 30 anni dove poter inviare una propria foto ricordo, essere pubblicati nel book e invitati a festeggiare il 30 esimo anniversario


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