03 August 2008

Piazza Roma by night (II)

This is the follow up of yesterday's picture: the entire square with the peculiar street lights. As you can see, the project that won the contest also used some archaelogical elements to decorate here-and-there the square and put wooden and concrete benches to sit.

The square is quite nice made this way. As a citizen, however, I must say that the square has too few green spots, especially trees, and in summer you realy cannot get out there and take a walk: too hot.


USelaine said...

This makes an inviting evening place. When I visited Italy in 1997, I was impressed by how Italians enjoyed the night time. Perfect for me, because I am a "night owl" too.

Kris said...

A lovely night shot. Just enough light to show us, but enough dark to keep it night!