04 August 2008


It is definitely "full summer" for us here now. In the past, August was the month for vacation par excellence. In August most factories and big plants close the production or diminuish it a lot, and all workers had to get their vacation in this month. It is still so even though less than 30 years ago. Factories close now for a month, but who works in offices often gets the chance to go on vacation in other periods of the year.

Have a nice summer!


USelaine said...

The tiny details of sunflowers are so marvelous to see in a photograph like this, especially since the camera can see things more closely than I can anymore.

Vacations for families with school-age children used to take their vacations in summer too, but now the school schedules are changing, and give breaks in three or four seasons. Those of us without children can usually arrange to go when we want, but in these times, can't afford to go far.

Saretta said...

What color! What detail! I love it!