24 March 2008

A place to rest, a place to chat

These benches are located in front of the Cathedral. On Sundays they welcome mothers with small children, grandparents with grandsons, elder people that rest after a walk, people coming out from the church stop by to have a chat, sitting and looking around. In summer afternoons and evenings, these benches are the best place to just sit and look around: children playing on the big square and trying their roller skates and bicycles.

It's a such a cold Easter that no one is there now ... hopefully soon warm spring weather will arrive.


Anonymous said...

Nice pleasant place to park and watch the tourists.

I hope you have a really nice week to match your really nice photograph.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

magiceye said...

Must be a fun place to be when its filled with people!

Patrizia said...

For Magiceye:
it is avery pleasant place to sit down!
Concordia is a small town and stopping by in the centrale square is the best occasion to have a talk with someone you know. Meanwhile, children hop and play hide-and-seek among the sarcophagi!