20 March 2008

Which color for his house?

Trying to decide which will be the color of this house. I always wondered why in the exact center of Concordia, in front af the Cathedral, among old houses colored with shades of brown, red, yellow, white there is a light blu greyish house! Fortunately I found out that it is a temporary color and that the usual prove colore - roughly color trials - have been done.

Which color will win the contest? I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

sei stata sotto casa mia !!!
se venivi a trovarci avresti trovato l' inferno...e' stata qui mia mamma e il latte e' calato :secondo te c'e' qualche connessione ???
belle le foto che pazienza e dedizione brava brava
ciao betta

Patrizia said...

ahahahaha sei perfida!!!
a presto (chiamami quando c'รจ l'inferno, vengo volentieri in tuo soccorso!)

Denton said...

I personally would choose the color on the bottom.