25 March 2008

Under the Cathedral

Another rainy day, what can we do? .... Let's go UNDER the Cathedral!

Under the Cathedral there is a whole incredible ancient world. The Cathedral of Concordia was built in 1466 on - I really mean ABOVE - two existing churches and a couple of Roman domus. The Basilica Apostolorum was built starting from 381 AC and it lays exactly underneath the Cathedral of Santo Stefano. Beside it, the Trychora Martyrum, a small chapel built remembering Concordia's Christian martyrs. I'll show you more soon, it is very interesting.

I went there with my daughter, 4 years and a half, and she was really excited and amazed. I think it is so funny how for children everything is so "natural": for her, growing in this small town makes it absolutely normal to walk among Roman ruins and Medieval coffins!


Anonymous said...

For this to have been built above the old places always makes me wonder.

I see a fence I built 40 years ago when the ground and bottom of the fence were even. Now the fence is buried in soil. Where does all of the stuff come from. Space?

This is a nice photograph you took of this building. The Cathedral.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio

Patrizia said...

Space? that is a nice idea!

By the way: I really appreciate your blog and your wife's too! Beautiful pictures and interesting text!!

Patrizia, Concordia Sagittaria, Italy