21 May 2008

Blue flag

The beach is also yours, please use me always! : this is what you find on garbage bins in Bibione . Garbage is collected in different bins for recycling.

Bibione, 25 km from Concordia, for many years up to now has been granted the Blue Flag by FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education). This rewards the effort in making the beach in Bibione clean and safe and user friendly. It's my favorite place near home also for this.


Anonymous said...

Nice way to keep reminding people to pick up their trash and not to litter the beaches with leftover cans and bottles. I like what your city is doing to keep the environment nice and clean for everyone and even those with feathers and fur.

Dusty Lens said...

These trash bins look very clean, they also look pleasing to the eye rather than setting ugly rusty barrels to collect trash. A nice clean place to visit!

Chuck Pefley said...

Good technique. Reminding people to be proud of their possessions helps them to take care of what they have. Now that you bring this up, I don't remember seeing any large amount of litter on the beaches in Sicily, the Cinque Terra, nor Lido when I visited. Over all the beaches seemed quite clean and well cared for.