08 May 2008

Men in black

These men are sitting on the backside of the Cathedral, having a glass of wine while they are waiting to do their job: the are gravediggers waiting that the funeral that is going on in the church ends. Then they will go back, a bit more relaxed, to their unusual but useful job.


Tanya said...

When I see a funeral I can't help but think of all the people who are sad for the one who has passed.
Interesting photo. Something we wouldn't see here.

Mo said...

And where are all the women?

Patrizia said...

for MO:

there are no female gravediggers!!!!!!

USelaine said...

I like the colors and composition of this shot. I never would have guessed the job of these men. Thanks for the story.

Ineke said...

Interesting topic.
Bit spooky too.