05 May 2008

Higglytown Heroes

What do my children simply love? Higglytown Heroes!!! It's a really very nice cartoon: every episode tells about a job and explains to children - with happy songs and a nice story - what does that kind of worker do. It is made especially for children aged 2-5 and here it is transmitted on Playhouse Disney Channel that you get only by satellite.

Do you have them too?


Tanya said...

We have Higgly Town Heroes too! In fact, our tv is almost always on the Disney Channel,lol

Chuck Pefley said...

Your children have great taste! My favorite toothpaste in Italy is Mi Amici Aquafresh, which of course is designed for kids. I look forward to buying it every time I visit -:)

ptowngirl said...

These were some of my niece's favorites too, along with the Wiggles and Doodlebops. She loves the Disney channel!