11 May 2008

To the seaside

Concordia is quite close to the coast; the Northern Adriatic Sea is averagely 20 km from us. Today I'm posting later than usual because the season to go to the seaside finally started: warm weather, sun, calm breeze!

(This picture is not where nice, it is shot throught the car's windshield with by new zoom lens. The places on the boards are all on the seaside!)


Tanya said...

Fun! Are you heading to the beach yourself? Happy Mothers Day!

Marcel said...

A photo of signs to many very nice cities and towns that I have been lucky enough to visit. Beuatiful!

Chuck Pefley said...

Oh to spend a nice day at the beach. Happy Mother's Day!

Patrizia said...

for Tanya:

yes! We finally got to go to the beach, a bag full of sandwiches, lots of beach toys, sun lotion and caps. It has been a very nice morning.

Happy Mothers Day to you too! Did your children celebrate you?

for Marcel:

have you visted Trieste and Venezia? Have you visited also the coastal towns such as Caorle?
Surely a very different view than the one you are used to right?

for Chuck:

my children asked me "what would you like to do on Mothers Day?" ... I immediately thought about the beach!