10 June 2008

Bimbinfesta (II)

Again a shot of last Sundays' Children's Festival. This is the small train the children could ride ringing the bell in front and waving at their parents on the sidewalk!


franco said...

Ciao Patrizia. You have brought back i recordi from my childhood
of Santo Stefano. The piazza would be closed and in front of the old city hall there would be a small train ride set up. It looks like they set it up by the bridge now. Ciao from Niagara Falls.

Marcel said...

Looks fun. I like the clors of the train.

Chuck Pefley said...

So colorful and looks like great fun for the children!!

USelaine said...

It looks like they used the same paints as yesterday on the street! Very festive.

Patrizia said...

for Franco

The train for children to ride is still there at the Fiera di Santo Stefano. In August I will take some pictures and show you it again.