03 June 2008

Portogruaro ring road

After discussing the project for at least 15 years, in a typical Italian style, the Portogruaro ring in being built. This road will run all around the center of Portogruaro and will give relief from all the traffic going to the seaside. Last but not least, it will make me get to work in about 10 minutes less time (20 minutes instead of 30!!!)

The flyover is almost all set, the work is proceeding very fast ... now!


Abraham Lincoln said...

Well, what a surprise today it. I get to see a new picture of yourself. You are a attractive young lady and it did look like you were having fun when the new picture was taken.

I also enjoyed the post about your new road that will get you to work faster.

Marcel said...

I agree with Abe! Congradulations on #3.

When my wife and I have traveled in Italy we always enjoy seeing the children. It is obvious to us that families are an important part of Italian life. We love going to the piazza in the evenings to watch the children play with their families.

USelaine said...

Yes, it looks like you decided to dress for the warmer seasons! Very nice.

My town has been waiting for a "bypass" for 50 years, so I don't expect it soon.

Patrizia said...

Thank you all for compliments ... I am blushing!!!