20 June 2008


Toady a picture of the countryside all around Concordia. I like it very much, it makes me feel relaxed and free. It is a very "open" countryside, very flat and all you see are fields and some old beautiful farm houses. Far away you can see mountains, it is quite peculiar that we don't have hills before these mountains: all of a sudden, from extreme flatness, you go high up. Mountains are about 40 km from Concordia, easy to reach. On the other side of the horizon, the Adriatic seaside, about 30 km from us. Easy to reach too.


Livio said...

By glad chance. You post the road and I the cars. Do you want go for a drive?
Ciao Livio

USelaine said...

You seem to be perfectly situated for all the resources of life: water from the mountains, fields for grains and vegetables and fruit, and the sea for fish!