09 June 2008


Yesterday in Concordia was the day of Bimbinfesta (roughly celebrating children). All school made an exhibit of their works done all the year round (Saturday was the last day of school for Elementary Schools up to higher classes, while kindergarten ends at the end of June) and the town's major gave prizes to the best works. By the way, my daughter's Kindergarten won the first prize (extra funds for the school) with this motivation: "for the effort and the original ideas and very expert realization of a big project about saving Nature and civil living together".

The very center of Concordia, all around the Cathedral was full of children happily involved in toys market, drawing and painting in the street, clowns theatre, a couple of merry-go-rounds. All offered by the town's council, free of charge for children and parents.

A very nice day. I'll post more about it next days.


ptowngirl said...

A beautiful mural -- congratulations!


Kelly said...

What a lovely way to build community! I love the art that children produce!

USelaine said...

It looks and sounds delightful. When I was little, our schools had an "open house" evening, but it never involved the whole town like this.

Nathalie said...

Very nice photo and drawing - congratulations to all the school children - and the mum!

Kris McCracken said...

Nice and bright, just the way that kid’s pictures should be!

Marcel said...

I love the idea of celebrating children. They are our future and they are so much fun too.