06 June 2008

Do you want a coffee?

Directly from my cupboard in the kitchen: being Italian, I could not be without a set of coffee pots!!! Each caffettiera has its own history ... Starting out from the left side:

* the one my husband and I bought when we moved in together
* the small one (one cup) my husband used to make me coffe when we just met (and romance was beginning)
* the Bialetti Mukka that my parents gave us as a present a couple of anniversaries ago (this is quite a special one, it makes cappuccino because you put both coffe and milk inside)
* the one my husband bought when he went to live my himself before knowing me
* finally a set of three (one cup, three cups, six cups) that we got as a present when we married

You could almost say that you can tell an Italian family's story by looking at the caffettiere!!!

By the way: right now for our breakfast coffe we use a normal drip coffemaker (American way), isn't that funny!


Anonymous said...

Interesting information. We buy a new Mr. Coffee at the supermarket once in every so many years. The one I have makes four cups of coffee.

I have an idea that your coffee is made stronger than what we drink.

USelaine said...

How wonderful that you have a personal history with each one of these! I have memories of some of my kitchen things as well.

Nathalie said...

What an interesting collection!
This is absolutely fantastic... but what a pity you now use none of them :-(

Chuck Pefley said...

I'm particularly curious about the Bialetti Mukka! Does this use the milk instead of the normal water placed in the lower chamber of the pot?

Great collection, by the way!

Dusty Lens said...

I prefer my coffee from my medium sized Bialetti and I would like to purchase the Bialetti Mukka. We here in the states do not know what 'real' coffee is. The coffee here is weak and watery, not good.