07 April 2008

Again, mamma????

To start out with the pictures I shot yesterday at the Concordia Spring Flower Market, I'll show you ... myself!

This is how I usually stroll and walk around: wind jacket, pockets full with things my children could need (a small bottle of water, paper tissues, chapstick, some times band-aids ... plus of course keys, some coins, my ID card) and my camera hanging around my neck!

The pink spot at the right side is my 4 and a half year old daughter. I told her "can we stop one moment? I'd like to take a picture" .. and of course she said "AGAIN MAMMA????????"


Anu said...

Nice photo in the frame.
I almost do the same, when I'm out with my preschooler. Camera, waterbottle, biscuits, wallet and keys.
Great shot.

Sally said...

LOL - all that equipment for one so small. I remember it so well.

Murphy_jay said...

I think that's a real good and cute story to accompany the shot!