01 April 2008

A Sunday afternoon walk in ...

Not really a picture of Concordia today, but a picture of something you can easily do if you live in Concordia: take a walk in Venezia, one of the most beautiful places in the world! About one-hour ride by train, and there you are. We go to Venezia two or three times a year and each time I feel as if it was the first time: so many things to look at!

Want more pictures of our Sunday afternoon walk in Venezia? here


jelvistar said...

Great reflection, and shot from an interesting angle!

Port Angeles Daily Photo

Rafa said...

nice shot of the gondola

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Kim said...

A perfect image for our theme day. I love how you have captured it. Very fun to see the gondola just disappearing or appearing. Gorgeous image!
Seattle Daily Photo

Livio said...

Che grande fortuna che hai vivendo così vicino alla più spettacolare città Italiana!