20 April 2008

Senior center

This is where seniors gather here in Concordia. This building was totally renovated by themselves many years ago. Retired painters, retired bricklayers, retired balcksmiths, retired electricians and plumbers all worked for the same goal: the creation of a place to gather, play cards, chat, play lawn bowling. And they made it!

My neighbor, an 80 year odl lady, dresses up on each Sunday to go to play tombola (bingo) there with other ladies; I just saw her going out: a black skirt, a red blouse, pearl errings and a pretty necklace, her purse under one arm and her walking stick in the other ... later I'll ask her how it went!


Tanya said...

Hello Patrizia! What a beautiful building built by love! I admire the fact that retirees built this for a place for the elderly to hang out.
I hope your neighbor has a good day at bingo! It's sweet how dressed up the elderly still get!

Chuck Pefley said...

Patrizia, wonderful image and delightful post. I've rented an apartment on the outskirts of Marsciano (Umbria) the last couple of years and greatly enjoyed watching a particular trio of older ladies all dressed up doing their evening passiggiato. Thanks for this post today. ~Chuck

Sally said...

Ciao Patrizia. A very handsome building, worth drressing up for!