19 April 2008

Bronze portal on the right side

Again a bronze portal, this one is on the right side of the Cathedral. I'm sorry, I have a lack of inspiration today, so the picture is quite similar to yesterday's one ... forgive me!

Have a nice week-end!


Abraham Lincoln said...

Inspiration comes through your work not because of it. You take the picture, inspired or not, and we look at it and become inspired to do something similar or to interpret what you do in a different way. No apology is necessary. The photograph is nice enough and shows something we could otherwise never get to see and thanks for that.

Patrizia said...

Thanks Abe! That is a sweet comment.

Actually I almost always inspired when I ma behind my camera ... it's just hard to find the words, sometimes!

Have a nice Saturday!

USelaine said...

I hope you will show us all the bronze doors. These are wonderful to see.