24 April 2008

Mamma mamma! I pompieri!

... "mamma mamma! run! firemen are here!"! Firemen arrived and parked right in our street (they just stopped by a bar near us for a coffe, no emergency!). I had to dress the kids and run downstairs to take a detailed look at the fire-engine.

You know what I did one day? I just stopped by their headquarters and asked if my children could pay a visit ... and a very kind fireman introduced himself telling the kids that he's a father too and that he would answer to all their questions. They got to go on a fire-engine, put helmets on and so on. That has been a day they will never forget.


Anonymous said...

Your trip to see the fireman will be something your children will remember for the rest of their lives. It is nice when people take the time to talk to children.

Kitty said...

that's wonderful. It's so funny how kids can get excited about these very specific things.
Kids can be so enthusiastic. Bless them!

Tanya said...

What a neat looking firetruck!
Here in the US you can have birthday parties at the fire station, or at least some do. When we lived in California, I had my older son's birthday party there and the firemen gave the kids hats and gave them a tour of the fire house, let them try on their uniform and face mask and let them up in all the trucks.
Here in Georgia, the local fire station will bring a truck out to your house and let the kids see it and they will even hook up to a fire hydrant and let the kids play in the water! Of course, if they get a call, they have to leave and end of party!
I bet the kids enjoyed the firemen!

Kelly said...

I think you sound like a terrific mother. Another great red photo from you! Nice shot!

USelaine said...

Firemen care about their communities in so many ways - that's a great story.

Kris McCracken said...

It is great to hear that the kids were made welcome. It will leave them with a positive image of the firemen for the rest of there lives!

Patrizia said...

For Abe:

yes, it's very nice when you meet such helpful persons. It's a very nice quality to teach kids.

for Kitty: we really should learn enthusiasm from our children, you're right!

for Tanya: I didn't know about this opportunity you have. We definitely don't have these kinds of things in Italy. I was surprised they told me I could let my children visit the fire station.

for Kelly: thank you ... I realy do my best for my children, they are the love of my life.