30 April 2008

Everything turns green

Everything is turning bright green: beautiful! These trees are in via Pozzi Romani (Roman wells street), they are majestic, tall and very green! What you see "under" the trees, those sort of domes, are coverages for another archaelogical site: in this street there are a couple of Roman domus (private houses). You can see their walls and also parts of pavements made of amazing mosaics.


Anonymous said...

This is a neat post with history and culture and green trees. Nice.

I have some relatives among the buried Roman soldiers in Great Britain.

Kitty said...

Those are tall trees. I am a tree lover, so this photo makes me happy.
Are those grey things tents?

Patrizia said...

For Kitty: no, those things are not tents. They are plastic/metal domes put over the Roman ruins to preserve them from damage.

Tanya said...

Very interesting Patrizia!

Marcel said...

Very nice, I love the trees and it looks like it would be an interesting place to visit too! Thanks for posting.

Chuck Pefley said...

I was noticing how green the trees here are getting, too. Finally. And today it is cold still, but the sun is shining -:)

Yes, small town living does have the advantage of knowing everybody including the mayor.

Buona primavera!