11 April 2008

Parco dei Signini

A very unusual picture today: the public playground with no kids nor mothers! During weektime, in the afternoon, this playground is full of children, mostly aged 1 to 6 climbing, running, screaming, hiding and mothers chatting chatting chatting chatting!

In Concordia's typical style, also at the playground there are Roman ruins here and there (what you see close-up is a Roman column's base) and for children it is normal to play among them. This playground is located in the Parco dei Signini, where Signini recalls Roman domus (houses) with pavement made in opus signinum (white pavement with inserted mosaics). All around the playground there are sites with domus walls (now fenced to prevent people walking on them).

This is were we play!


alice said...

A very nice place!

Hyde DP said...

I think it is lovely that children can be allowed to play among the old ruins.

Anonymous said...

mi chiamo Andrea Signini e non ero a conoscenza del fatto che vi fosse un parco che porta il nome della mia famiglia. La cosa e' molto curiosa e se fosse possibile avere qualche maggiore informazione circa il luogo e la provincia, sarĂ  un piacere venirlo a vedere.

Andrea Signini

David said...

Hi, I am an architectural student from England. I have recently returned form Venice where I took part in a 3 week competition to design a structure to cover the Domus Dei Signini. Upon return to England I have decided to base my sixth year project in Concordia and have found your blog very interesting. It has helped me to gain a better understanding of the area. Just one question, I am proposing to building within the park, next to the large cubic cafe. How is this park space used now, what do you like and what could be improved? Thank you in advance for any help you may offer and congratulations on a thoroughly enjoyable blog.

David, Manchester, England