26 April 2008

Teenagers in children's playground

This is a wooden locomotive for children to play with at the public playground. Unfortunately, teenagers use it too and also here, in Concordia, graffiti mania is very popular. So this train, red and brown, so pretty to play with, now is full of writings saying "Maria I love you" or "Marco and Giovanna forever" in the best case but also with obscene words.


Anonymous said...

Such nice things fall victim to graffiti all over the world, Patrizia. It is a shame as you say. I hope those who do it will someday wake up and realize it isn't the thing to do especially when smaller children are around and can read.

Some of those kinds of words get lodged in a child's head and they can't get them out.

Chuck Pefley said...

I like the angle you chose! Very nice!