05 April 2008

A(sort of) winter tree

Doesn't it look like a tree in winter, all folded on itself and naked?

Actually this is a big sort of tent that in summer gets opened for shadow and where you can sit and eat an ice cream or so on... When will it open???


Anonymous said...

Everyone waits on warmer weather. Here in Ohio where I live it is still wet and cold.

The colors and the photography are nice.

I managed to post about my hospitalization adventures. Hope you get to read it.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio

Sally said...

That's a nice seasonal shot.

Thanks for the comments about help with pools.

I am going to Rome first. Have emailed a couple of sports clubs, but they are either for members only or charge an enormous amount (eg Euro 30!!) for admisssion for casual visits. I found one - Piscina delle Rose in EUR - that seems like the best.

The we are off to Pompei (yes, staying in Pompei town itself). I think there is a municipal pool there but not sure of details.

Back to Rome, and we are lucky enough to be staying at the Hilton Cavaliere, which has its own Olympic pool, so no problems there!

Then to Lucca, and I don't know anything there yet.