25 April 2008

25 Aprile

Today is San Marco, the 25th of Aprile, Giorno della Liberazione that is liberation day, it celebrates the end of World War II here in Italy. In this part of Italy, it is tradition to go outdoors for a pic-nic and to eat omelette (either brought from home or cooked directly outdoors).

As you can see, all the eggs in our fridge are still there: no omelette for us, but a very good barbecue .. and then fast home because it is going to rain soon (AGAIN!).

Buon 25 Aprile!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I thought these were oranges when seen on the portal. I was surprised to see they are eggs. We have what is called "brown" eggs and the white ones but I have never seen them almost orange in color.

Chuck Pefley said...

Buon 25 Aprille a te. Brava posta oggi!

vero said...

Ciao Patrizia, anche da noi il 25 aprile si va fuori porta per dei pic-nic, ma delle omelette non avevo mai sentito parlare. Comunque anche noi abbiamo fatto una bella grigliata, all'aperto però, perchè c'era un bel sole caldo. Speriamo sia finalmente arrivata la primavera...e che arrivi presto anche da voi. Ciao ciao

J.C. said...

Just curious, Patrizia, why eat omelette? Is there a story of it with regards to San Marco?

J.C. of Subang Jaya Daily Photo